OS-autoinst: automated testing of Operating Systems

You can find more up-to-date documentation here.

The OS-autoinst project aims at providing a means to run fully automated tests. Especially to run tests of basic and low-level operating system components such as bootloader, kernel, installer and upgrade, which can not easily be tested with other automated testing frameworks. However, it can just as well be used to test firefox and openoffice operation on top of a newly installed OS.

If you want to know, why this is good and how this is working, there are some insights in my blog
Currently this is used to run nightly tests of the openSUSE-Factory distribution. You can see the result videos here.

Supported Operating Systems

As of 2012-01-14 os-autoinst contains modular code to test


If you would like to run your own automated tests, you just need a PC with hardware-virtualisation and Linux (both Debian and openSUSE are tested). Follow the install-guide and the user-guide. Git repo is at github and gitorious. There now is a Test module development HowTo.


openQA is a test-scheduler and web-front for openSUSE using OS-autoinst as backend.


There are still quite a number of things to do.


Bug/feature tracker


Bernhard M. Wiedemann <bernhard+osautoinst ät lsmod de>
with contributions from Dominik Heidler <dheidler ät suse de>


The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

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